NPD4CE (New Product Development for Upcycling and Circular Economy) is a short-term project (2022-2023) funded by DMU (De Montfort University) HEIF (Higher Education Innovation Funding), £11,086.30. This project aims to make radical innovations in new product development for upcycling and circular economy focusing on everyday use electronic products with mixed materials and multiple components (which are more difficult to remanufacture, recycle, etc.). Three student designers are working on the project under supervision. The project involves industry experts/stakeholders throughout the process. 

The outcomes of the project are:

  1. well-defined project briefs that could be used for other future projects
  2. a comprehensive research report based on desk research, reverse engineering and product analysis, and expert interviews (illustrating best practices, innovation gaps, and expert opinions on the direction of innovation in terms of material use, structural change, new technology adoption, etc.)
  3. innovative ideas and concepts of new products for upcyclability and the circular economy (with idea sketches, 2D digital drawings, 3D modelling and renderings, and technical drawings)
  4. prototypes and presentation models as a proof of concept
  5. a complete design journal to show design processes and outcomes and discuss lessons learned and recommendations for future projects
  6. a refined and polished design portfolio with the summary/highlight of the project.